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Who we are !
Hengtai casting is engaged in manufacturing and supplying various of gray iron casting, ductile iron casting, malleable iron casting, lost wax steel casting, sand steel casting, stainless steel casting, well as machining by CNC lathe. Most of our products are made according to customer's drawings or samples. Engineer team in our company ensure our goods shipped to customer are in high quality.

Most of the products have good market in Europe and America. Now, the company has established a long-term partnership with companies in United States, Germany, UK, Italy and Denmark, and has obtained good reputation.

Various standards are adopted in Shijiazhuang Hengtai trade Co.,ltd, such as American ASTM, AISI , German DIN, Japanese JIS, British BS, Australian AS and Association of American Railroads AAR. Our products are almost applied in every field that involves mechanical manufacturing and processing, including trains and railways, mining and engineering machinery, automobile, ships, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, valve and pumps.

We fulfill the quality standards according to ISO 9001/2000, ensuring you highly reliable product quality from a careful selection of qualified suppliers and independent, consistent on-the-spot quality control in addition to the quality control of the manufacturer.

Through our extensive network of ocean shipping and airfreight and express mail contacts, we strive for time in sample leading and on-time delivery of batch-production. For samples, our lead time can be within 7 weeks after receing the official drawings.

Fully comprehensive support by our specialized exporting service team and ODM and OEM engineering team with strong technical backgrounds.

Promptly grasp new technology and put it into practice, bring customer unexpected satisfaction with respect to both quality and cost.

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